Running slump

I am not sure if it the heat, overtraining or my lack of mental toughness, but I have been in a running slump for the past two weeks or so.  Maybe I am a in a vacation mindset since I officially started my summer break last week.  You would think a slump would occur when the going gets tough and your schedule is hectic, but my current schedule could be compared to  how people function at a Bahamian resort.

The 100 degree temps (feels like 110 due to extreme humidity) could be part of the problem, but I tried powering through a few of those runs.  By powering through, I mean I spent one Saturday morning trying to get 20 miles in the bank.  I started the run at 7:15 am and I think it officially ended at around 11:30 because I had to stop on many occasions and then I ended up inside on the treadmill.  Who spends their entire Saturday morning trying to run 20 miles?  On top of all that, I am supposed to be training to run my fastest marathon ever.  How can I run if I am training at a snail’s pace?  It has been quite frustrating to say the least.

As a result of the frustration, my mental toughness has gone downhill.  I go out for a 5-mile run and am now counting down every mile.  A 5-mile run used to be easy.  Now it feels like that 5-mile run is actually a 20-mile run.  I can’t bear to think of completing one more mile.  Honestly, I just can’t wait for my runs to be over.  They suck.  Bad.

What the hell is wrong with me?  I think about trying a new sport, like kayaking or paddle boarding.  Yeah, I think I might change my sport.  Maybe something that is more conducive to this intense heat and humidity.  At least I could just jump in the water to cool off.  Maybe my legs just need a break.  I need to work on my arms.  Or flatten my tummy.

I’m on vacation.  That means more time for running.  Yet, I don’t want to get out and actually do it.  I have the time, but lack the motivation.  Maybe I need to be busy in order to get it done.  That makes no sense at all!  When I am in vacation mode I get lazy.  But I also just want to drink beer and eat cupcakes.  That will only make me run slower.  Then the vicious cycle just repeats itself!

Do I need a break from running?  Or should I attempt this BQ in August?  I was fast enough a month ago, but now I am not so sure.  I am also not so sure if I can make it 26.2 miles.