Running is quite a competitive sport.  For the most part, I have been competing with myself.  However, tonight I realized that the competition actually extends beyond myself to other runners.  So, here is the story of how that came to be…

It was a rather awesome evening for a run along our most favorite Jax bridges.  The weather outside was just slightly perfect… not too hot and not too cold.  What more can you ask for in Florida?  It was also great to see my two favorite running buddies pumped and ready to go!  We couldn’t wait any longer for our running coach to stop talking so we started stalking away and she finally gave us the “go ahead” signal.  And we were off!  And we were flying… seriously.  I was pumping my legs fast, but feeling pretty good considering my body was still in pain from the BodyPump class I decided to try out yesterday.

Then, somewhere around mile 1.5, my buddy says something like “Wow, we are moving at a fast pace.  I am trying to keep up with you.”  I immediately replied “What?  I am trying to keep up with you!”  Basically, it was the battle of who was trying to keep up with who.  Seriously, I wanted to make sure I didn’t get left behind so I threw up some dirt to keep my spot in the ranks.  Mellow yellow behind us didn’t say a word.  She just goes with the flow at whatever pace we decide to set.  I don’t think she even breaks a sweat.  She seems to enjoy every step she takes.  I wasn’t quite feeling that pleasure tonight (wait, I don’t think I actually have felt that).

So, we were neck and neck or toe to toe… however you want to describe it.  Then we get to the second bridge and speed racer decides to give it an extra boost.  Well, I don’t allow any space to come between us.  I am at her heels (even though I am breathing like a mad woman and most definitely flailing my arms and legs).  At the top I manage to say “Are you trying to kill me?”  She just responds by telling me that I was the one who set the pace in the beginning so she had to maintain it.  Whatever.

There you have it folks.  Running is a competitive sport.  Yet, that competition is what keeps us on our toes (or wherever we are supposed to plant our feet… don’t ask me because I don’t know anything about proper running form).  I only moved fast tonight because I was motivated by my running buddies.  Thanks ladies!  I can’t wait to race again on Saturday!  (ok, we may need to slow down a bit because I don’t think I can maintain that pace for 14 miles).

By the way, it is not too late to donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!  Check out my website!



One thought on “Competition

  1. Alan Harmon says:

    And if I was there tonight….I’d have smoked you all!!!!
    How’s that for competitive?
    ….Good thing I wasn’t there 😉

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