Why a marathon?

Dear Mom,

Why did you obsess about running so much?  Why did you decide to run marathons?  Maybe it was an escape from reality.  That is kind of how I look at it too.  It is a chance for me to be free from all of those daily responsibilities that cause unnecessary stress in our lives.  I suppose you had many things to escape from.  I can respect that.

I have all of your ribbons and medals in a box in my closet.  I look through them every now and then.  When they came into my possession 10 years ago, I was bewildered with the fact that none of them had your name on them.  Then, I ran my first race and realized that they just reach into a box and hand one to you when you cross the finish line.  Silly me.

If you could only see me now.  I will be running a marathon in January.  A few years ago I never even imagined doing something like that.  Actually, I probably shouldn’t say this, but I hated running when I was a kid.  I really wasn’t a big fan of those so-called “fun runs” you would drag me to.  Fun?  Really?  Didn’t you know how much I dreaded P.E. in Junior High and High School?  I guess maybe we should have talked more often.

Well, I have to admit that you did spark something inside of me otherwise I don’t think I would be running 14 miles in my free time.  You didn’t always choose the right path, but I think you scored points on this.  I can picture watching you cross the finish line of the Portland marathon.  Remember that trip?  Yeah, I got fired from IHOP because I told them I needed that weekend off (fortunately it didn’t put a damper on my career goals).  I remember watching you use those machines at the gym as I tried to figure out how they worked.  I remember how depressed you were when you weren’t able to run because you couldn’t get out of bed.  I don’t know if that will happen to me or not, but I want to make sure that I make the most of the life I have now.  I think running is a big part of it, but nothing will ever come above the wonderful family I have acquired along the way.  I wish you could meet them.  Maybe my daughters will become runners too, but they have to choose that path on their own.  That is what makes it more meaningful.

Well, Mom, I will tell you that I love running even though I am not entirely sure why.  I know that just made you smile.  Keep watching if you want to see me go the distance.

Love, me


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