Walkin’ like an old lady…

I know, I know.  It has been awhile since my last blog.  Well, I have been crazy busy with life and all its adventures.  Some of the busy times have been a result of fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  For some reason, I am having the worst luck trying to get folks to donate a few dollars all in good holiday spirit for a great cause.  Well, it doesn’t help when I have a wonderful proceeds night set up at the local smoothie cafe on the COLDEST night of the year thus far.  Yes, folks, it was colder than cold so who would want to even leave their house, let alone get a smoothie??  The chocolate party went well, thanks to those who showed up, but it would have been ideal to have a few more in attendance.  The holidays seem to get in the way of this fundraising.  Oh, and that wasn’t the end of my bad luck streak.  We were all set up and ready to stand outside of Publix when we show up just so they can tell us that we weren’t put on the calendar for that day (or any day for that matter).  So, we couldn’t tell St. Jude’s Hospital to get out of our spot…  One more attempt tomorrow.  We will be asking all of the drunk football fans during their little tailgate parties before the big football game (just don’t ask me who is playing against the Jaguars… I have to pretend to like football for a few hours so I guess I better figure out who is playing).  Please let this be a day for good luck!

So, it is kind of aggravating at times, but I try to remember that not everyone can give to every charity that is out there.  I definitely think helping people with cancer is a good cause (and I have a personal connection) but I also have a list of other valuable charities that are worth my attention.  There is only so much we can do.  Yet, I always have a dollar or two to spare to the nice, old man swinging his bell outside of the grocery store in hopes of helping those in need during the holiday season.  Instead of buying that extra fancy latte for one day, please use that money to help others (I have to tell myself the same thing because I do love lattes).

We aren’t just here to raise money and run.  It always becomes something more than that.  When we find out a friend on the team has just been diagnosed with breast cancer or another friend just lost a sister to cancer, we are there for them.  We know how much it means to them when we keep putting one foot in front of the other so that they may feel some relief.  Even if that means I have to walk like an old lady for the rest of the day because my body aches terribly… I may have to use a walker after the marathon, but that’s okay.  At least I don’t have to sit in a hospital bed with needles poking through my skin or over a toilet because I feel so sick to my stomach from all of the medication pumping through my body.

So, feel free to hand me a few dollars to donate to LLS the next time you see me or check out my website and donate $5 or $10 online.  http://pages.teamintraining.org/ncfl/wdw11/haponte

I appreciate anything you can do, even if all you can do is say “Good luck on that marathon Heidi!”  Thanks.


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