Rain or Shine?

During the summer in Florida, a runner dreams of cloud coverage.  At least this runner does!  And it doesn’t hurt if a little rain accompanies that cloud coverage.  What’s the difference if you walk outside on a sunny day or on a rainy day… you are wet either way!  Oh, I see.  Some of you in the western states have no idea what I am talking about.  It’s called humidity.  I think we pretty much average 90% humidity around here on a daily basis.  Couple that with nearly 100 degrees and you’ve got yourself a really HOT day.  Just yesterday, there was a black flag warning.  Well, that pretty much means that you should stay indoors with the air conditioning on.  Not a chance when you have to get outside to run.

So, the other day, I was standing in my garage with the jogging stroller taking a peek outside.  Lots of clouds. Lots of black nasty clouds.  Some light showers.  However, it wasn’t quite clear when those “light” showers would turn “heavy.”  It could happen any minute around here.  My only hesitation was the kid in the stroller (yes, my kid).  But heck, I had a plastic tarp for the stroller so she wouldn’t get wet.  It wouldn’t be as bad as the previous day when we were out shopping and all of a sudden it started pouring rain and we were not able to make it back to the car without getting completely drenched (there was even a puddle in the stroller when I pulled her out).  And we were actually waiting for my running buddy to pull into the driveway, so I really didn’t have anymore excuses left.  A few minutes later we were both standing there pondering over the question of whether or not to run.  But, it wasn’t a very long discussion because we both knew the conditions were actually ideal running conditions.  And hey, at least the sweat and salt would be washed off our bodies right away.

As we started our journey I looked up and saw a patch of blue sky off in the distance.  However, I was not craving its presence.  At that moment, I was actually happy to be running underneath the clouds.  Considering the soaring temperatures, it actually felt great to feel rain hitting me.  Not only that, but my daughter was flailing her legs in excitement as she watched the water trickle down the tarp.  Another runner’s dream is not to be hindered in how fast you can go.  The heat tends to do that.  Yet, that evening, it was so much easier to pick up the pace and I felt so good when we finished.  That was not the case a few days later when we attempted to run in the morning… 7:00 am is not early enough.  The sun rises in the clear sky and casts its death rays upon you.  My legs only felt like dead weights that day.

So, rain or shine?  When it comes to summer in Florida, I will choose rain any day.


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