10 miles or more…

The team was out running their 7-mile or 10-mile course this morning (distance depends on whether or not they are training for a half marathon or a full marathon), when one participant and myself were passed by three ladies out on their morning run.  They asked us how far we were going and we said “10 miles.”  Then, they asked us if we were training for a full marathon or a half marathon.  I stated that my running partner was preparing to run a half, but training for a full.  Doesn’t make sense, does it?  It just goes to show how remarkably motivated this team is.  They are presented with two training plans and they choose to follow the plan with the most distance involved.  I have no worries about whether or not they will be well prepared for the half marathon that they are planning to run in October.

Sure, today’s run may have actually been even longer than 10 miles, but that doesn’t stop them.  They may complain once in a while that a muscle aches or that the sun is beaming down it’s death rays, but they continue forward anyway.  They know that their pain is only temporary and that is only makes them stronger in the end.  It is unlike the permanent pain that cancer patients and their families endure.  I think they know this and that is why they push themselves.  It is very rewarding to see this type of determination and spirit.  These participants are not only running for themselves, but they are also running for a cause.

I am thankful to be a part of such a remarkable group of people.  I enjoy their silly jokes, playful banter, serious discussions and even their quiet solitude (well, we do spend a lot of time together when we run these long miles).  The experience is not complete without coffee & bagels (okay, sometimes we succumb to the evil donut).


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