Running and Facebook

Like it... or not

Like it… or not

Yes, I will admit that I often talk more about running on facebook than I do about my own kids.  There are certain things about my life that I feel are nobody’s business.  However, there are also the things that I can yack about for days and have no problem disclosing every last gory detail.  I have chosen to “tell all” when it comes to my fitness goals.  I figure that if I can at least inspire one person through all of this then I have done what I was meant to do.   I know half of the time it sounds like I am bragging or trying to prove to the world that I am some kind of athletic goddess, but that is definitely not the intention (and even though I am proud of my own personal accomplishments, I know that I am not better than anyone else… well, except for murderers, rapists, thieves… okay maybe I am better than a few people out there).  Actually, there are people out there who could care less about fitness.  I am definitely not “cool” in their eyes nor would they even glance at my facebook posts or blog.  The great thing about it though, is that I am not trying to impress anyone.  If someone doesn’t want to read my post, then they don’t have to look at it.  If someone doesn’t want to be my friend because they are sick of reading about my running adventures, then they can defriend me.  No worries.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I really love it when my family and friends post about a success they had with running or while doing some other type of exercise regiment.  I could care less about what their kid ate for breakfast (just kidding… or maybe I am not).  The bottom line is that everyone has their own interests and there is nothing left to do but appreciate each other’s uniqueness.  Some of my friends are interested in discussing parenting issues and I can totally relate because I am a parent myself.  I am not one for much discussion in that area, but I appreciate their views.  Some of my friends are interested in posting recipes and I often find some that are quite appealing.  Some of my friends like to discuss politics… I just read and move on (I am not very political).  A few of my friends enjoy writing about fashion.  As you all know by now I am very lacking in that department so I find that I can always learn a thing or two from my fashionista friends.

But back to what interests me most: fitness.  Well, running specifically.  I know how challenging running can be so I am always thrilled when a friend or family member posts about their new running experiences.  I send them virtual high fives and words of encouragement.  I love reading about how they ran 2 miles one day and then pushed themselves to run 3 miles the next day.  Sometimes this continues and I find out that they have run their first 5k or started training for a half marathon.  Other times it just goes away and I assume that they have fallen off the running wagon for one reason or another.  In any case, these are my all-time favorite posts and I never let one slip by without hitting the “like” button or adding some positive comment.  My friends and family can always count on me for that.

Obviously if you are actually reading this blog then you must have some positive affinity towards fitness and don’t mind me yacking about it 24 hours a day.  Yes, this is my interest and field of expertise (okay, so I like to think I am at least some sort of expert).   If I would have been writing a blog 10 years ago, then I probably would have been writing about other adventures that had nothing to do with running (because I really didn’t think much about running 10 years ago).  It’s funny how people’s interests change over time.  I am always hoping to convert a few walkers.  Let’s get running people!