Welcome to Chesapeake, VA.

The Beach isn't so bad, if you don't mind waking up at 5:00 AM and driving about 40 minutes so you can avoid crowds and traffic.

The Beach isn’t so bad, if you don’t mind waking up at 5:00 AM and driving about 40 minutes so you can avoid crowds and traffic.

I figured that I should write a post regarding my first impressions of my new home: Chesapeake, VA.  Maybe I will think differently 3 (please) or 4 (no thanks) years down the road when I reread this post during my departure.

As we drove through town on the day of our arrival, I noted the lack of hills, sidewalks and trails.  Maybe I was ignorant, but I kind of thought that Chesapeake would look different from Elizabeth City, hence the reason why we opted not to live closer to my husband’s work.  I thought about how it resembled Florida, but our home in Florida was surrounded by numerous walking paths and bike lanes (or at least a shoulder along the side of the road).  Here, you can’t even squeeze by on the road unless you want to get hit by a car or do some bushwhacking through someone’s property (and I mean that you are literally on their property because you have to be extra careful while driving not to plow into mailboxes or trash cans that are sticking out into the road).

So, I figured out that I can run through my neighborhood okay while staying to the side of the road (it is pretty wide), but then if I want to leave my mini 1-mile loop, I have to do some fast running alongside a narrow, busy road.  Then I enter another decent neighborhood (I have to be careful not to go the other direction or else I will end up on the ghetto street… I only call it “ghetto” because I ran past a giant penis that had been drawn in chalk right in the middle of road) and find a few sidewalks and wide roads.  From there, I am pretty much screwed on getting anywhere else without having to run down a narrow busy road or into more sketchy neighborhoods.  I have done this a couple of times and found it very unpleasant because people around here don’t seem to like runners using the side of the road (hmm, well then maybe this city should invest in sidewalks!).  Well, I suppose the lack of sidewalks and trails don’t surprise me because of the plethora of fast food restaurants and lack of places or grocery stores where I can buy natural/vegan foods (and not have to spend $10-15 on an individual Amy’s pizza… yes, I am serious about the price).  It is obviously not a city with health as a priority.

I have found that the beach isn’t so bad, but it takes about 30-40 minutes to get there.  I suppose I used to drive that far to get to a few trails in Colorado, but there were also trails only 5 minutes from my house.  It isn’t ideal to run in the sand for 10 miles and the streets are still busy and narrow.  I might have been annoyed by the vast amount of hills in Colorado, but now I am annoyed by the lack of any hills here.  Ooh, there is always the Dismal Swamp.  I read up on that trail.  There are three poisonous snakes that can be seen and black bears are spotted on a daily basis.  I am sure that neither of those animals hibernate here in the winter.  I could only wish for snow.

I should also mention that I was ignorant about the weather.  I assumed it wouldn’t be as hot and humid as Florida since we are farther north.  Nope.  Actually, it feels MORE hot and humid here than in Florida.  How is that even possible?  Also, how is it even possible that there are more mosquitos here than in Costa Rica?  Before going outside make sure you lather up with sunscreen (waterproof) and the harshest bug spray you can find.  Forget going natural with the spray… it just won’t work.  The tradeoff of avoiding malaria is being exposed to harsh chemicals.  I was all excited to come here and enjoy eating and relaxing outside.  Once again, ignorance is bliss… until realization hits.

I know.  Don’t be a whiner.  I am just hoping that I will get an attitude adjustment soon.  Otherwise I will need to take up a new hobby.  Hmm, not sure what that could be around here.  I will have even more difficulty trying to ride my bike around here.

Okay, if you are a runner in Chesapeake (note that I said Chesapeake and not Virginia Beach… because in Chesapeake there are no running groups and no running stores… I can’t imagine why) and don’t agree with my first impression then please set me straight and take me for a run on some amazing trail that I am obviously not seeing.   Remember, I said Chesapeake!  I shouldn’t have to drive an hour to go for a run!