Run Strong!

Whew!  I didn’t post my blog after last night’s run because I was just too exhausted (if that tells you anything).  So my plan was to push it and push it hard I did.  Okay, so these hills are nothing compared to the “hills” of my friend, Alaska, but remember that I just pushed out a baby 2 months ago!  Go me!  I won’t mention that my running buddy was not there… no, I better not say a word because I found out recently that she reads my blog.  And I know that she will continue to read it to see if she is mentioned again so I won’t mention that she wasn’t at last night’s hill workout.

Since I didn’t have a pacer, I tried to keep up with the FAST (zoom zoom) crowd.  I nearly killed myself doing so.  Now people are going to have high expectations of me and think that I can run FAST.  Forget it people.  I’m too old for that fast stuff.  On the last hill it was all I could muster to keep one foot in front of the other without bringing myself to a walk (well, since it was in such slow motion, it was probably considered a walk to the cars driving by).  As I ran up that last hill, I kept staring at a boat off in the distance.  “I wish I were in that boat right now.”  “I wish I were in that boat right now.”  I just kept repeating those words to myself till I FINALLY reached the summit.  Why does it always seem like the peak is closer than it actually is?  I always had that problem when climbing those “hills” in Alaska (mind you, I walked or slowly trudged up those).

The possibilities are endless on a straight line of pavement, but bring on those hills and you have some serious decisions to make (like “should I go up that or would it be easier to swim across the river while holding onto the fin of a dolphin?).  And yes, we did see dolphins 🙂


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