Dripping Wet

Why does it always seem like I have just stepped out of a shower in my workout clothes after finishing a run outside?  I remember starting the run this morning saying to myself “Wow! It is rather pleasant out here today.  The temperature is just right.”  Only to figure out at mile 0.5 that a lower temperature only means a higher humidity.  Then it was just not so pleasant anymore.  Seriously, when does summer END in Florida?!

Well, Grace and Alvin had it worse off then I did this morning.  They are both fighting for their lives because cancer has taken over and will not relent.  The pain in my legs is no match to their daily physical and emotional suffering.  The granddaugther/daughter is doing what she can to help by running in their honor.  I embrace her courage and strength to keep one foot in front of the other.  It is not easy being the loved one who has to watch the pain and feel helpless about it.

Even though I wasn’t a fan of the moist air, I continued forward at a decent pace.  The run was rather scenic in spite of it all.  It was on the campus of the University of North Florida.  It kind of reminded me of my college days (but I won’t mention any of those memories here… that would be an entire book… and I guarantee it would be quite interesting).   We ran past forested areas (and I wondered what was lurking) and past those man-made ponds that are quite abundant here in Florida… not sure of their exact purpose.  I did see a rabbit sitting completely still in the grass.  He sat frozen as we ran past and I kept wondering about whether or not he would become a snake’s meal (no, I’m not morbid!  Just been having some crazy dreams about snakes lately).  When the run ended it had seemed shorter than I thought (a very good thing), but it was the 6 miles we needed to run.


One thought on “Dripping Wet

  1. Edward Aponte says:

    What a great description of your training session! I’m so jealous of your writing abilities. I hope one day you do write a book about your alaskan adventures!

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