Route change

I did make it on time to team training today, but I did not take my usual direct route to get there.  You see, it is kind of difficult to drive through the same neighborhood where a mother of 3 children was shot and killed by a stray bullet while driving in her car.  What is this world coming to?  What can we even do about it?  Just focus Heidi.  You are currently working on raising money to cure cancer.  There is only so much one human being can do.  What can I even do to stop stray bullets anyway?  Or protect innocent children from being hurt? Crying it out kind of helped, but the problem is still there.

A change of route could also mean a change of view.  Possibly thinking about the good things in life.  I should also stop reading through Yahoo News.  Attending a funeral last week sure didn’t help.

On a lighter note, the run was perfectly pleasant.  We are gradually lengthening our Tuesday runs in addition to our long Saturday runs. Not too bad, but that also means more bridge time.  Boy, do I love those wonderful Jax bridges!  Okay, I am being sarcastic, but I kind of like the fact that we run during the darkened evening hours because the lights are on.  The Main Street bridge lights up in a beautiful blue.  I watch the line of cars and become thankful that I am not driving in traffic… however, I sometimes find myself zooming in and out of pedestrians (let me just say sorry to the lady I bumped into this evening).  The quaint little palm trees are adorned with white lights (not like the colorful fall I recently experienced in Ohio, but those palm trees are just fine and actually a bit amusing).  I also enjoy running past Hooters so I can take in the delicious smell of hot chicken wings (and I love how people on the patio just watch us run by… I sure hope they are thinking “maybe I should be running instead of chowing down on these here wings”).  Okay, I am getting hungry.  Toodles.


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